Physical Therapy Center

Physical Therapy

Tampa Bay Orthopaedic Specialists Physical Therapy Center is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation center that provides physical therapy services. These services include innovative and non-invasive treatments, pre and post operative rehabilitation, advanced therapy for sport injuries, orthopaedic injuries, spine injuries, soft tissue injuries, and joint replacement.

Our mission is to improve and restore our patients back to an active lifestylePhysical Therapy is an integral component of the rehabilitation process. Our certified therapists are dedicated to providing personalized care through a combination of services that include individualized exercise programs, moist heat/ice, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, manual therapy techniques, massage, and joint mobilization. Our mission is to improve and restore our patients back to an active lifestyle. Whether it is returning to work, sports, post-surgical recovery or normal, everyday activities, physical therapy is instrumental in the healing process and optimum patient recovery.

  • Spinal Rehabilitation – For neck and back injuries or following surgery.
  • Knee Rehabilitation – Pre and Post surgical intervention to return patient to weight bearing activity.
  • Shoulder Rehabilitation – Pre and post surgical intervention of the shoulder, allowing return of function of the upper extremity.
  • Ankle and Foot Rehabilitation – Programs designed to increase strength and stability of the foot and ankle, allowing return to weight bearing activity.
  • Strength and Conditioning – Instruction in initiating a program of strength and total body well-being.